Mold Spore Removal

New Meadows Abatement, Inc. has been removing mold professionally for over 15 years. We have abated mold in many types of institutions, schools, and over 200 Maine homes. We use containments around the work area, and clean the air with HEPA filtered air exchangers to avoid cross contamination of the mold.

The State of Maine requires those who apply a product to kill mold to first obtain a license from the Maine Board of Pesticides. New Meadows Abatement has a Maine licensed Master Applicator on our staff, and we are licensed to apply biocides. We use environmentally acceptable products with common sense and according to Maine's pesticide laws.

New Meadows Abatement has been trained by the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) in the control and remediation of mold substances. We have a certified Mold Remediator" on staff, and we are also a member of the IAQA. This is the highest level of certification in the country, as there are no Federal certification laws that currently exist.

See mold information on the Environmental Protection Agency's website.

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